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23rd June, 2013

Molde Day 2

I’d still received little information on the spare part that we needed but we had all day and knew that at the earliest a flight wouldn’t arrive before 11 am. So I saw off the morning tours after a brief update to passengers on the PA (at least to those who’d surfaced from a quiet night alongside).

Deck Cadet Josh was volunteered to act as escort on the tour that the Shorex Manager had swiftly arranged the previous evening so I asked him to put together a few lines detailing his experience for this blog:

“During our extended stay in Molde, Norway, I was fortunate enough to be able to accompany some of the passengers on their complementary tour of Alesund and the Atlantic aquarium. I was amazed by the beauty of the Alesund area and the islands within the fjords surrounding the town, and I was also particularly impressed by the sub-sea tunnel system that connected the various islands that comprised Alesund.

Whilst on the tour both myself and many of the passengers were horrified by the extent of the great Alesund fire that occurred in 1904 as they have monuments marking the extremities of the blaze. Fortunately, whilst 10,000 people lost everything only one life was claimed by the inferno that had surrounded the town. This then resulted in the Norwegian government to pass a ruling meaning that buildings within town centres may only be built of stone rather than wood in order to reduce the fire hazards. At the time 52 architects were employed to assist in rebuilding the town and the fashion at the time was art nouveau and subsequently the newly rebuilt town of Alesund developed its own character in the art nouveau style.

After visiting Alesund town centre, we were then taken to the Atlantic Aquarium, one of Norway’s finest, where an accurate representation of the marine life within both the Norwegian and North seas was shown. This proved to be particularly interesting when it came to feeding time and the larger fish within the main tank created a frenzy.

In summary, whilst unexpected, the tour of Alesund and the Atlantic Aquarium were very enjoyable and a great time was had by all.”

Josh, Deck Cadet.


While the passengers and Josh were out on tour, I started planning contingencies with the Chief Officer and Navigator for the inevitable amendments that were going to be needed to the remainder of the cruise. In the afternoon news reached me that the spare part we required was not in stock and would have to be manufactured. This was looking a bit grim with another delay of 24 hours whilst the part was to be made overnight having secured some suitable material to make it from (apparently the alloy the spare was made from was also not in stock). It was approaching the time I was expecting to tell the passengers some news after the return of the tour from Alesund, so with a last minute confirmation that one of our plans (plan 8) was acceptable from Head Office, and that the berth was available in Longyearbyen for the 29th, I went to inform our customers of the latest news and plans.

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