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20th June, 2012


At sea

Our north bound local pilots had left us in Narvik and we were to get two more for our journey all the way to the north. The first boarded immediately before departure and a few hours later, as we passed Lodingen which lies at the head of the Vestfjorden, the second joined us from a local pilot cutter. Our latitude was now such that the sun did not set, and as we passed through the narrow waterway that separates the mainland from the Lofoten Islands, we could see the blue sky and brightness reflecting off the snow capped mountains ahead. We passed Finnsnes in the middle of the night and skirted the western side of Tromsø just before breakfast time.

There was just sufficient time to spend an hour in Lyngen Fjord and from our ideal vantage we could see right up into the ragged crags that are known as the Lyngen Alps. The cold air dropping down from the mountain peaks brought the cloud with it, only to evaporate a few hundred feet above the water. We continued onwards, passing between Soroya and Seiland to reach the island of Kvaloya and the port of Hammerfest in the early evening.

Unfortunately we had left our good weather behind us, so the sky was a rather moody looking grey, while the brightest thing in the sky was the flame coming out of the burn off tower of the new liquefied natural gas plant a mile or so away. The next morning dawned equally as glum with a touch of chilly drizzle in the air, but our intrepid saganauts carried on regardless, suitably kitted out in their newly acquired arctic clothing. Except the regulars that is, who were proudly wearing their Saga red jackets issued on previous forays to the very far north or south. Regrettably the forecast for the next’s day’s visit to the North Cape was for even worse weather, high winds, driving rain and temperature forecast to feel like only 1 degree Celsius. I reluctantly took the decision not to proceed further north

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