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16th July, 2012



We have been very fortunate with the weather, particularly during our journeys through the fjords, allowing the passengers to see the superb scenery at close to its best. Those of you who have seen a copy of Edvard Munch’s painting ‘The Scream’ may recognise it in the accompanying photograph I took the other day. It appears to be carved into the rock face at the side of Aurlands Fjord, it is, however, a quite natural phenomena. The views through the bridge windows as we sailed through the calm waters have been quite delightful, small villages, quiet hamlets and sometimes just a few farm buildings high up on the slopes.

The final run into Bergen gave the impression that the weather was going to hold, in fact the sun was just trying to poke through. It did for a short while after arrival but then Bergen lived up to its reputation and light rain started to fall. The pilots who had taken us all the way up from Stavanger left, with big smiles all around, for one of them had celebrated his sixty third birthday and I had quickly organised a cake with ‘Happy birthday Mr. Pilot’ inscribed in chocolate. He had been very surprised, taken photos and within minutes it was already on his Facebook page. He said that in all his years as a pilot he had never received anything on his birthday. There you are, Saga like to ‘surprise and delight’, even the pilots.


The passengers still enjoyed their day despite the rather grey skies, we were busy taking a top up on the fuel and fresh water, and there were a couple of new joiners. A deck officer arrived for a two day handover and then to relieve Scott, our 4 to 8 man who has been bringing us in and out of port most days. The new chap is Ukrainian, born in 1966, one year after the first cosmonaut in space, and his name? Yuri Gagarin. I wonder how many times he has pondered why his parents decided to bestow on him the name of this hero of the Soviet Union.

Our departure was close to schedule, having had to wait just an extra ten minutes for a tour bus that had been caught in traffic. A cocktail party for the ladies of the Women’s Institute followed, and from their conversations it is obvious they have had a great time. Unfortunately though, the next calendar was not mentioned, an opportunity missed perhaps?

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