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1st January, 2012

Happy New Year to you all

Snow capped Mount Etna

Hello and Happy New Year to all of you.

Again, thank you for reading my blog, I am very happy to hear it has a lot of followers.

I was recently reading Captain McLundie’s blog and he has announced that he shall arrive here some time in February and take over command. All of you who know us both are aware that there is a bit of rivalry between us, including when it comes to the blogs. However, as I told him before, it is not my fault that I am better looking and the passengers like reading my blog. His wife, Jenny, told me once that when Alistair was born he was so ugly that the midwife slapped his mother - HAHAHA.
In all seriousness though, the crew and I are really looking forward to welcoming him onboard.

The crew fishing

Today, January 1st, is a quiet day in the yard and the weather is absolutely gorgeous. It’s still a bit cool, however in the sun it reminds of winters in Florida. In the far distance you can see Mount Etna’s snow capped mountains and naturally my feet start to itch and I wish I could be there to down hill race. The locals told me that in January and February the ski resorts are very good on Mount Etna, but unfortunately I don’t think I’ll have the time to experience it myself.

Whilst I am dreaming about skiing, our Filipino crew have taken to their national pastime of fishing - when time allows. I’m not sure if they have caught anything edible yet, but that doesn’t seem to stop them from trying.

Our British contractors, Intermarine, return from Southampton tomorrow and will resume work on all passenger cabins. The Italian workers will continue in the public rooms and the much awaited cutting of the atrium. The steel work in general is progressing. We are pleased that all the welding and hot work will stop and the outfitting of the newly built cabins can start.


We have to leave the dock on January 28 to make space for another ship. We shall go back in again afterwards for propeller and stabilizer works. Whilst we are back on the lay-by berth, all efforts will be made to make sure we stay on the projected timetable.

An update on our dog Sapphira - she (who is actually a he) is getting bigger because many of the crew make sure he gets fed every day.

I will update you with any developments as they happen once work has resumed.

In the meantime, Potere tutte le sue difficoltà durano finché le sue risoluzioni di anno nuovo.


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