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8th October, 2018

Another new spot for me, Hundestad lies on the northern tip of Sjaelland Island; the same one as their capital of Copenhagen, which is around 45 minutes’ drive to the south-east.

Being a smaller and lesser visited port, this one did not come with the usual port services one might expect from a larger destination. For example, there was no pilot here. Navigation through the very narrow and shallow channel was fine, despite very breezy conditions, however our communication with the Harbour authorities and linesmen upon berthing had to be achieved by shouting at them from the Bridge wing. Fortunately, we managed to get them to place our mooring lines upon the desired bollards with relative ease, and shortly before 08:00 we were safely tied up alongside.

Greeting our passengers ashore were a number of locals who had turned out to play the roles of the fearsome Viking Warriors to which this place used to be home. They put on a jolly good show, however no matter how good the costumes I was still able to guess that most of them had just completed the morning school-run, and parked around the corner…

Local attractions here consisted of a reconstructed Viking village, as well as famous old Polar explorer Knud Rasmussen’s house. Only a few miles away is the delightful little fishing village of Kikhavn, with its traditional houses. I met up with an old friend living nearby whom I hadn’t seen for years. We drove off to the nearby forest park of Tisvilde, where we enjoyed a very pleasant wander through the Pine trees recollecting days of old when we used to work together. The weather remained mostly overcast and quite breezy, but it was at least a dry autumn day.

Suddenly, we came across the coast and the village if Tisvilde itself. Feeling hungry, and with the time nearing 2pm, we decided that it would be a perfect opportunity to eat. However, it appeared that Tisvilde does not cater for diners on Mondays, for all the restaurants, cafes & bars we could find were closed. Therefore it was another long walk back to the car before returning to Hundestad and having lunch at afternoon tea time. Thankfully there was a decent restaurant open in Hundestad – no doubt used to feed the starving residents of nearby Tisvilde every Monday.

The time came again to depart another great little port of call, and Captain’s hat was donned before manoeuvring out of this tight little bay and back out to sea again. Northbound we navigated, up towards Sweden’s second largest city of Gothenburg.

Captain Kim Tanner

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