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    Our Coronavirus Vaccination Travel Policy

Your questions answered

With the roll-out of the COVID‑19 vaccine, we have reviewed our health and safety procedures to ensure we are providing the safest possible holiday experience.

We have taken the decision to introduce the requirement that all customers must be fully vaccinated, unless medically exempt.

This means that a customer must have received their full two doses of the COVID-19 vaccination at least 14 days before travelling with us.

For river cruises, we require all customers must have received their COVID-19 booster vaccine at least 14 days before travelling with us.

Please note: applies to all bookings, including those made prior to January 20, 2021.

Our guidance is that all customers should be fully inoculated, which means you must have received both doses and waited for full immunity to take effect.

Therefore, we will require all of our customers to have received both doses of the vaccine no later than 14 days prior to departure.

River cruise customers must have also received their COVID-19 booster 14 days before their departure date.

If you have not received your vaccines prior to this time, please contact our holidays team on 0800 015 0770 who will be happy to advise you and take you through your options.

We trust that our customers understand the importance of the requirement to have been vaccinated by the time of travel and it will now become a condition of booking. In addition we will ask for self-declaration of this during the booking call.

A lot of countries are now stipulating that you must show proof of your vaccination. You can do with the NHS app or with a written copy that can be requested from the NHS.

If you are exempt from receiving the vaccine you will be able to travel with us by confirming the exemption at the time of booking and again at the time of travel.

Please note that some countries have vaccination as a requirement to entry, so you may not be able to enter a country without being fully vaccinated.

We have made the decision not to allow a customer to travel with us if they choose not to receive the vaccine. The majority of our customers fall into the at-risk age bracket and our priority is their safety and wellbeing.

Therefore, to protect all of our customers, sadly we would not be able to proceed with the booking and would ask that you contact our sales team on 0800 015 0770 and they will be able to discuss your options with you and arrange a full refund.

Your driver will only be vaccinated if they have been offered it as part of the government rollout. We have comprehensive COVID-19 protocols in place which includes precautions to protect you and your driver.

Saga hosts or tour guides will only be vaccinated if they have been offered it as part of the country’s rollout programme.