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    COVID-19 testing

Travellers are currently not required to test prior to returning to the UK from abroad.

Day 2 tests

Travellers are currently not required to test prior to returning to the UK from abroad.

Testing requirements can change regularly. If you live in Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales please refer to the Government websites for the most recent information.

If required, we recommend that you order your Day 2 test before you go on holiday.

Some destinations still require a pre departure test. We are working with two suppliers who can facilitate this for you:

  • Travel Visa Company
  • Wren Healthcare

Please note: Ocean cruise guests will be tested onboard on the day of arrival and will not need to book Day 2 tests.

Updated: 8 April 2022

We are pleased to partner with The Travel Visa Company for both your Day 2 test and your UK passenger locator form.

Whilst we have partnered with The Travel Visa Company there are alternative suppliers if you would prefer. You can find an alternative supplier from the UK Governments provider list.

The UK passenger locator form is required to enter back into the UK. It will be checked when you check in for your return flight and at passport control.

Whilst this is a UK Government form and is therefore free, The Travel Visa Company will complete this for you before you go on your holiday as part of the testing package. They will then email it to you 24 hours before you return home, meaning that you can relax whilst on holiday knowing that someone else has taken care of this for you.

Please note: you MUST have access to an email address whilst abroad to be able to produce your UK passenger locator form. It is a requirement that the form is completed no later than 48 hours before your return home. The Travel Visa Company will email your completed form to you whilst you are on holiday.

You will need to be able to show your completed passenger locator form when you check in for your return flight and at UK Passport Control.

To order your postal test and UK passenger locator form:

  1. Visit the Saga Customer Portal.
  2. Choose your Day 2 test with UK passenger locator form.
  3. Travel Visa Company will email updates on the status of your order and instructions of what you need to do with your test.

Some countries still require a negative PCR test to enter. The Travel Visa Company can also facilitate this for you for an extra charge.

Your travel documents will be sent to you no later than 14 days before your holiday and you'll be informed of any tests you may need to take in order to meet the entry requirements.

The Travel Visa Company can also provide assistance with your international passenger locator forms. Please note that this is an additional service and will therefore incur an additional charge.

If you need any assistance from The Travel Visa Company please call 01270 904 975.

We are working in partnership with Wren Healthcare to provide customers with a nurse-led COVID-19 testing solution.

Wren Healthcare are offering Saga customers a 20% discount.

To book your appointment:

  1. Visit the Wren Healthcare website for more details or call 0203 974 6950.
  2. Your discount will be applied when booking.
  3. A Wren testing specialist will either come to your home or you can visit one of their 10 clinics across the UK to take your PCR test.
  4. They will deliver your test to their labs the same day so you can receive your results the next day.

Please note: COVID‑19 testing services are provided by accredited third party suppliers and not Saga. We assume no responsibility for such services. Should you choose to purchase any COVID‑19 testing services from these suppliers, their terms and conditions will apply. We are not advertising COVID‑19 testing services as a travel service and such services do not form part of a Saga package holiday. We are not responsible for the quality, timeliness or the results of any COVID‑19 testing and any impact this may have on your ability to travel.