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Ukrainian river cruises

Cruise through the land of the Cossacks on the stunning Ukrainian Waterways

The Ukraine has 23,000 rivers stretching over 2,240km of waterways – hardly surprising when it’s the second-largest country in Europe, behind its neighbour Russia.

Almost half of the rivers are connected to the mighty Dnieper – the longest river in the country, that runs from Kiev, all the way through the heart of Ukraine, to Odessa on the Black Sea coast.

The Danube is another major river that passes through the Ukraine. It also meets the Black Sea, but further north than the Dnieper.

Wind your way through the Dnieper’s tributaries, past historic sites and picturesque villages. Relive the legends of the Cossacks, the Vikings and the Tatars, marvelling at ancient sites and beautiful domed churches and cathedrals, such as the St. Sophia Cathedral.

Enjoy a programme of included and optional excursions in every port of call, so you can experience the treasures of the Ukraine by land. Excursions take you to the Dnieper Delta and the Danube Delta as well as city tours of Zaporizhzhy, Vilkovo and Dnipro.

Ukrainian River Cruises with Saga

From Moscow to St. Petersburg and Kiev to Odessa, our river cruise packages on the Ukrainian waterways offer exciting itineraries that combine all the culture and charm of this vibrant country. For cruises of 11 nights or more, we include a FREE VIP door-to-door travel service.