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Showcasing the best our destinations have to offer

There are so many fascinating ports of call to visit on our river cruise itineraries, which is why we provide a variety of excursions that showcase the best a destination has to offer.

On many cruises we include some excursions in the price, such as city tours that introduce you to the main sights, or visits to famous landmarks. We also provide a great selection of optional excursions throughout each cruise, so you have the freedom to explore the places you want to in greater depth.

Take a look at some of our most popular excursions.

Keukenhof Gardens

Over seven million spring bulbs bloom in Keukenhof Gardens' 32 hectares, filling the air with perfume and offering stupendous displays. It claims to be the most beautiful Spring garden in the world and here you'll see a mass of tulips, hyacinths and daffodils set in beautifully landscaped grounds. Of course the show of blooms is weather dependent, but they're normally in flower for eight weeks from mid-March to mid-May. You can also find out more about garden design trends and get ideas from seven inspirational gardens.

Siegfried's Museum of Mechanical Music

This evening you can visit this whimsical Museum in Rüdesheim with its eccentric collection of over 350 self-playing instruments, including music boxes, barrel organs and early jukeboxes.

Danube Delta exploration

The meandering river bends, idyllic green reed beds and groves of willow, oak and poplar are not only pretty to look at, but also provide sanctuary for over 300 species of bird – including pelican, great crested grebe and kingfisher. To take a closer look at this glorious natural environment you can join a trip on a smaller boat through the channels and wetlands of the delta.

Sandstone Mountains

Enjoy an excursion to the impressive Sandstone Mountains, with refreshments included. The beautiful National Park of Saxon Switzerland, south-east of Dresden, is characterised by rock formations sculpted by erosion, sandstone cliffs, deep valleys and rugged gorges. Around three-quarters of this landscape, unique in central Europe, is in south-eastern Germany with the rest in north Bohemia in the Czech Republic. The Elbe river winds through the mountains in a steep and narrow valley.