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Summer Norway cruises

Cruising Norway in summer

When you think of cruising to Norway, perhaps you imagine landscapes blanketed with snow, dark evenings and cold, crisp air. While a cruise to Norway can certainly offer these things in winter, have you ever considered a summer Norway cruise? During the summer months you can experience another side to Norway – read on to find out more.

Unique Norway cruise excursions

You can experience so much on an all-inclusive cruise to Norway and it’d be impossible to summarise all of the exciting excursions offered on one page. So we’ve picked a few of our favourite excursions that can be enjoyed on our Norwegian cruises.

Flåm’s scenic railway

The famous Flåm railway

On this easy-paced excursion, you can enjoy one of Europe’s most impressive and scenic train rides, savouring the journey without the worry of walking excessive distances. The Flåm Railway provides wonderful vistas of the mountains and waterfalls that characterise this beautiful part of Norway. In order to ensure the best possible views the train will proceed slowly and even stop at the finest sections so you have time to take in the dramatic scenery and take photographs.

Your train ride takes you 2,850 feet up a mountain gorge and reaches its destination at Myrdal where, after a brief pause, you will return back along the same route to Flåm.

Lustrafjorden, an arm of Sognefjorden

Jotunheimen National Park

Travel along the Sognefjell National Tourist Route – the highest mountain pass in Northern Europe – which wends its way through snow-dusted mountains, waterfalls and glaciers. Here, you can enjoy spectacular views of Lustrafjord and the surrounding mountains, rivers and villages.

Your first stop along the route will be Turtagrø, which is used for a number of alpine sports and features views of the Hurrungane Mountains. You’ll continue to the highest point on the pass, which stands at 1,434 metres above sea level, and is higher than Ben Nevis. You’ll then head through more of Jotunheimen National Park, pausing for views of Sognefjellet Moutain, Hurrungane Mountain Range and Åsafossen Waterfall.

Loen Skylift in Stryn

Loen Skylift

Departing from Nordfjordeid, enjoy the scenery as you head alongside the Innvikfjord, a branch of the Nordfjord. Arriving at the Nos viewpoint, pause to take in the views over the Nordfjord region.

Loen Skylift is one of Norway’s newest attractions. Arrive at the Fjord Station in the small village of Loen. Here, you’ll join a scenic five-minute cable car ride and start your ascent to the top of Mount Hoven at a height of over 3300ft. Upon arrival at the Mountain Station, you’ll be greeted with a 210-degree panoramic view overlooking Mount Skåla and Lake Lovatnet in the east, Jostedalsbreen Glacier and Olden in the south, and the Nordfjord, winding its way towards Stryn in the west.

On your return to Nordfjordeid you’ll pass Hornidal Lake, which is Europe’s deepest at 1686 ft.