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Spirit of Discovery blog

Gran Canaria

12th December, 2021

The 3rd largest, and second most populous, island of the Canary group, Gran Canaria was our call for the day.

The island is a funny looking one from above, rather like a blob or ink splodge. Las Palmas, the capital, is a fairly populous place and is located on a small strand of land leading off the northern edge of said splodge. Christopher Columbus anchored in this very port town in the year of 1492 when on his way to the check whether the world was flat or round…

Docked on the designated cruise berth (again alongside two larger, German cruise ships) by 08:00, guests started trickling off to investigate what the island has to offer shortly thereafter.

Like the other islands in the region, it’s basically an old volcano. It also used to be a lush-looking old volcano until deforestation occurred a few hundred year ago, however reforestation efforts have been made in recent decades, and fortunately the higher parts of the island now have plenty of green again.

If you’re into beaches, volcanoes, sunshine, outdoor activities and a relaxed lifestyle, then you’d find it hard not to like this place.

Departure was set for 21:00 to allow folk to enjoy an evening drink or early supper ashore should they so wish, before we left the German giants behind us (presumably they were still busy arguing over sunbeds) in the harbour and sailed off in a general north-easterly direction, in search of our next destination…

On a side note, it’s cheerio from me folks and a jolly Merry Christmas to you all – I now hand the reigns over to Captain Jason Ikiadis again.

Happy cruising!

Kind Regards
Captain Kim Tanner

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