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Meet our Captains

At the helm of every Saga small-ship cruise

Find out more about our Captains and their lives on the ocean waves

Our Captains are such a big part of the Saga cruise experience, taking charge of our small ships as they seek out remarkable destinations around the world.

Find out more about the lives and careers of our Captains, and to see which of our upcoming cruises they will be leading.

Captain Julian Burgess

Captain Burgess hails from East Sussex, and was first inspired to try life at sea by his brother.

Captain Stuart Horne

Captain Horne has enjoyed a varied and interesting career in the cruising industry, joining Saga as Master in 2017.

Captain Nick Sunderland

After being the youngest Staff Captain in the entire cruising industry, Captain Sunderland joined the Saga family as Master in 2015.

Captain Kim Tanner

Captain Tanner has been at helm of our boutique cruises since 2017, and brings a wealth of experience to the role.