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Suitability information for your holiday

Find information for your hotel holiday, river cruise or touring holiday here.

Hotels can vary in terms of the facilities they offer to guests with reduced mobility or another disability.

It's therefore essential that you discuss your requirements with one of our Travel Advisors at the time of booking. They will be able to check the hotel's suitability for you to make sure you make the right choice.

If a particular room type such as an adapted room or a room with a walk-in shower is required as a result of any disability, we will contact the hotel to check if such a room is available and endeavour to secure it for you where possible before you commit to a booking. We will do the same if there is a particular feature you require, such as a fridge for medication. Please note that an extra cost may apply if an adapted room is only available in an upgraded room type.

Saga's representatives and the hotel staff are unable to provide any level of personal care. Therefore you may choose to travel with a companion who can provide the assistance you need. Please be aware that both we and our suppliers reserve the right to request that you travel with a companion where we consider it necessary for safety or operational reasons.

It is important to be aware that most river vessels and small ships do not have lifts and the stairs between decks can often be steep.

Some excursions involve a fair amount of walking, sometimes over uneven surfaces.

Please also note that on river cruises and small ships it's common for two or more ships to moor alongside each other at a berth, and on these occasions you'll need to walk through the other vessels when embarking or disembarking. We are not able to confirm in advance when this will be the case.

If you have a disability or reduced mobility and are considering a river cruise or a small ship cruise, please contact one of our advisors on 0800 300 400 to discuss the suitability before booking.

Each of our tours has been given a rating from 1 to 3 with 3 being the most strenuous. You will see these ratings within the holiday details both in our brochures and on the website. It is really important that you contact us if you are in any doubt regarding the suitability of a tour but please use the following information as a guide:

  • Pace 1 – These tours might involve travelling for three to four hours a day and there will usually be a few days for you to relax. Some may involve travel in 4x4 vehicles and steps. Typically any walking is likely to be at a leisurely pace amounting to a few hours a day. Most of our small ship and river cruises are also at a relaxed pace but you'll need to be able to manage steps, ladders, gangplanks and sometimes a considerable amount of walking on the guided tours.
  • Pace 2 – These moderately-paced trips may involve longer journeys and walks of three to four hours over uneven terrain or small ship or river cruises involving gangplanks and ladders.
  • Pace 3 – These holidays require a good degree of physical fitness. There may be walks of up to 6 hours a day, possibly over difficult terrain such as jungle and mountains, perhaps at altitude. Longer journeys of up to 10 hours may be necessary, with occasionally strenuous excursions.

Excursions will vary in terms of how active they are. They can range from panoramic tours where the majority of sightseeing will take place from your vehicle, to strenuous activities covering uneven terrain and walking distances of over a mile.

We'll send you a detailed itinerary for your holiday at least eight weeks before departure with information regarding excursions. If you're in any doubt as to the suitability of the excursions, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss these with you.

If you require a wheelchair or scooter to take part in an excursion, this will need to be collapsible so it can be safely stored in the coach. You'll also need to be able to fold or dismantle your wheelchair or scooter yourself and lift it into the coach's luggage hold, or be accompanied by a travelling companion who can do this for you.

While we always try to use the most comfortable, well-equipped vehicles for our excursions, we are often limited by what's available in a particular destination. So regrettably, if you're unable to manage the steps on to a coach or other vehicle, you will not be able to join the excursion. This is due to the variety of vehicles used dependent on destination. In addition, as the vehicles used for excursions differ from place to place, there may be restrictions as to what mobility aids can be carried.