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Freedom Travel Group & Future Travel Group

Saga is very proud of the close relationship it holds with the trade and would like to reassure you that we are here to assist in any way we can through this difficult time.

Since the collapse of Thomas Cook Group, we have been in discussion with other key consortiums to find a positive resolution. We hope you will agree that the below policy represents this.

These guidelines are subject to the approval of your new consortium/agency. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are abiding by their rules before you request a transfer of any bookings.

Bookings departing before December 31, 2019

  • If the booking is paid in full to Saga – Your booking will remain as it is under your Agency and final documents will be sent to you at the registered address on file. Payment for any changes made to the booking before departure (i.e. upgrades, adding excursions) will have to be made directly to Saga. Commission on these bookings has already been paid to Freedom/ Future (providing the balance has been paid in full), therefore Saga cannot accept any new claims for commission.
  • Deposit paid to Saga, but balance is due from client - Saga will be able to transfer all bookings where there is balance due following confirmation from your new consortium. If your new consortium will not accept the transfer of your booking it will remain with Saga until the remaining balance has been paid. There shouldn’t be many bookings which fall in to this category.
  • 'Unclean bookings' with pipeline monies missing - If the deposit or balance is missing (i.e. clients have paid Freedom/ Future but this money has not been passed to Saga), you will be able to keep the booking for administration and client relationship purposes, but no commission will be paid.

Bookings departing after January 1, 2020

  • 'Clean' bookings - Under the agreement of your new consortium, Saga will transfer these bookings to your new ABTA, paying full commission as normal. Clean bookings are those where the money paid by the customer to Freedom/Future Travel match the money received by Saga.
  • 'Unclean' bookings – An unclean booking refers to those where the money paid by the customer to Freedom/Future Travel has not been passed to Saga. Therefore, this money has to be written off by Saga. They could also be bookings where the agent has discounted from their commission. All consortia have been clear in stating they will only allow the transfer in of clean bookings which are at full commission and with correct payments on, therefore these bookings have to be retained directly by Saga.

Freedom/ Future homeworkers

The same terms and conditions apply for all Freedom / Future homeworkers. All bookings must be agreed and accepted by your new consortium. It is the homeworker’s responsibility to ensure that they are abiding by their rules before submitting a transfer request of any booking. For data protection, homeworkers will also need to provide some proof or documentation that the booking is your own. We may also need a new address to send future documentation to.

We will be working through the bookings as quickly as possible and we ask for your patience in allowing us to contact you. This process began on October 15, 2019. Should you have any more immediate questions please firstly liaise with your Regional Sales Manager or call Saga Trade Support on 0800 068 8732.