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    Travel Consultants

Waiting to take your call

Our friendly Travel Consultants are waiting to take your call, listen to your requests and answer any questions you may have.

Andy Fournier

Peru, the Galapagos Islands, China, India, Mexico, New Zealand, St Lucia, South Africa… Andy has a wealth of first-hand knowledge and loves to share his passion for travel with customers.

His recommended Saga trip (and his own personal favourite) is Machu Picchu and the Galapagos Islands, which he says offers the perfect combination of archaeology and wildlife.

Following in the footsteps of Charles Darwin and David Attenborough was especially memorable.
Having visited this part of the world, he does of course have plenty of tips to give customers.
For example, when you’re at high altitude in Peru, I suggest you always use sun block even when the sun doesn’t seem that hot. The thin air doesn’t weaken the rays as much as it does at sea level and you can burn very easily!

Our customers say...

Would you please pass on to a member of your staff a great thank you for his excellent customer service skills. It really is nice talking with Andy. I liked the way he talked with me and not to me. Andy's lasting impression is that I had known him for years as an old friend. Keep up the good work Andy!

Mr Higgins

Sarah Woolhouse

Have a chat with Sarah, one of our widely-travelled consultants.

Sarah’s knowledge of destinations really does span the globe. From the western shores of America and the islands of the Caribbean through to Cyprus, Tenerife, Croatia and Borneo.

She’s able to advise on all sorts of holidays and experiences, but nothing makes her happier than being asked about Borneo. Having recently returned from a trip to this remote Malaysian state, she loves imparting her enthusiasm for this part of the world.

Most people think about the orang-utans when you mention Borneo, but there’s loads more to see. My favourite bit was a treetop canopy walk suspended high up in the rainforest – it was thrilling, and well worth the climb!
Importantly, she rates the food there highly too, "although there are some unusual things to try if you’re feeling adventurous. One dessert which sounds strange was actually delicious. It was called ABC and was made of ice cream with sweetcorn, green beans and berries.

Our customers say...

When speaking to Sarah I thought at last, someone I can talk to, someone who understands. Some companies just don't realise how important that is. It’s been lovely dealing with her, she made all the difference!

Mrs Dorsett