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    Holiday Creators

Hello from our Holiday Creators

Our intrepid Holiday Creators are always on the lookout for fantastic new destinations and unforgettable, unique experiences...

Richard Newsome, Expert Holiday Creator

Richard studied French and Spanish at Leeds University and has always been a history fanatic.

He’s now been at Saga for 18 years and has been responsible for organising holidays in Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, Australia and many European countries too – Spain, in particular...

I spent a year in Bilbao before the Guggenheim was built, so it wasn’t touristy at all but a great, friendly place to be. I went to all the fiestas, the Feria de Abril in Seville, the Cruces de Mayo in Granada, San Fermin in Pamplona, and I was hooked on Spain from that moment on.
I chose travel as a career because I spoke languages and knew some of the destinations already. Most of my degree was made up of French, Spanish and Latin American history courses, so the cultural touring programmes that Saga offer really fired my imagination.
When I saw the Holiday Creators putting together touring programmes to places like Toledo, Salamanca, and Seville, and visiting these places to find the best experiences and value for money for our customers, I knew that was the job for me.
I love every country I visit for a myriad of different reasons, but my strongest attachment is obviously to Spain; I'm very proud of the variety of experiences and value for money that we offer to our customers there.

Kathy Vigolo

Holiday Creator Kathy first started working for Saga Holidays around 16 years ago – and returned three years ago after a one-year break to explore Mexico and Central America turned into 14 years, when she fell in love with life on a little island in Honduras!

Fluent in English, Italian, French and Spanish, an avid fan of nature, art and - of course - travelling, she tells us how her hobbies help her in her role…

When you like travelling it's easy to take your own enthusiasm and search for great holidays to create. Before I worked for Saga I worked as a Tour Manager for a cruise line; being a seasonal job, I had long periods of times off, so I spent it exploring most of Europe and India, which taught me a lot about what I enjoyed about travel.
Now, when I create a holiday, I look for a mix of art and culture, but I also look for the nature aspect – one thing that made me really love travelling was the unspoiled nature you can find.
I also firmly believe that my passion for languages has helped me in my role – if you go abroad and you speak the language, it often changes the dynamic of understanding and bonding with a country and its people and that extra insight can translate to better experiences for our customers.