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20th May, 2021

Must-do experiences in Morocco

If you’re yearning for the exotic, Morocco is the ideal destination. Overflowing with intrigue and colour, this spectacular North African country is home to a wealth of experiences that simply must be enjoyed to the full. From cosmopolitan Casablanca to the atmospheric ambience of Marrakesh, Morocco offers something for everyone, and here are just a few of the must-do experiences you should discover.

Discover the sights and sounds of Marrakech

Jamaa El-Fina in Marrakech

There are few places in the world as immersive as Marrakech. With its famous souks and medina, this city is bursting with exotic appeal. No part of the city is quite as exciting as its main square, however. Jamaa El-Fina is home to a host of entertainers, from poets and acrobats to musicians, snake charmers, and fortune tellers. There’s no better way to experience the city in all its glory than by walking through this square and indulging in some of the unique entertainment on offer.

Immerse yourself in Morocco’s religious heritage

The Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca

Casablanca is the biggest city in Morocco, seamlessly blending Arabic, African, and European cultures in one fascinating melting pot. One of the most spectacular sights in the city is the Hassan II Mosque where you can learn more about Morocco’s religious heritage.

Constructed in the late 1980s, this is the biggest mosque in the country, and features the second-tallest minaret anywhere in the world. Large enough to accommodate 25,000 worshippers, this religious building boasts some of the very finest Moroccan craftsmanship and architecture with gilded ceilings, marble floors and hand-carved stone.

Shop Moroccan style

Lanterns for sale at a souk

Marrakech’s souks are a true highlight for travellers thanks to their bargains and bustling atmosphere. Wandering the narrow alleys with their overflowing items is an amazing way to spend a day haggling for bargains. With an enormous variety of goods on offer from traditional carpets to colourful lamps, from aromatic spices to classic leather goods, it’s the perfect place to find souvenirs for loved ones at home.

Tasting the local cuisine

Traditional Moroccan tagine

Moroccan cuisine is famous for its aromatic spices and amazing flavours. Visiting a local restaurant for lunch or enjoying an authentic dinner at your hotel is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the North African culture. Make sure to try the classic tagine, Harira soup, and couscous.

Trekking in Berber country

A Berber Village in the Atlas Mountains near Marrakech

The Tassa Ouirgane National Park is traditional Berber country and a trek here offers the opportunity to explore the villages and valleys of this stunning location. The easy terrain winds through orchards with glorious views of mountain peaks, while the Marigha salt mines are just one unique sight to behold.

Explore the religious and spiritual centre of Morocco

Blue Gate of Fes

Fes is the most authentic city in Morocco and is one of the Arab world’s most preserved medieval cities. Taking a tour of this magnificent city is, therefore, a must-do for anyone who wants to experience the religious and spiritual centre of the country. From its ancient madrasas to its intricate mosaic tiling, and from its iconic Blue Gate of Fes to its labyrinth-like medina, Fes is a feast for the senses.

Mythology and history in one archaeological treasure

Caves of Hercules

The archaeological cave complex of the Caves of Hercules is a fascinating attraction that has a long mythological heritage. Once believed to be bottomless, this cave was said to have housed the god Hercules for one night before executing his 11th labour. It also has an ancient connection to the Phoenicians, who are believed to have created the sea opening in the shape of the African continent as well as the wall markings that make up a local map.

Go back to Roman times

Roman ruins at Volubilis

The Roman city of Volubilis is Morocco’s best-preserved archaeological site, still boasting its original mosaic floors. This UNESCO World Heritage Site at the foot of the Atlas Mountains was originally a Carthaginian settlement until the Romans arrived in 25BC. Once home to 20,000 inhabitants, Volubilis boasted impressive mansions, a triumphal arch, public baths, temples, and a forum, many of which are still in seeable today.

Discover Morocco’s unique treasures

Whether you long for the unique experience of haggling in Marrakech’s souks, or yearn to uncover the religious and cultural heritage of Fes, Morocco is a truly exotic destination. There’s no better way to immerse yourself in its splendours than on our Best of Morocco tour – the perfect exploration of all of the country’s finest highlights.

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