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17th October, 2019

Exploring Lebanon: A Q&A with one of our Holiday Creators

From beautiful beachside cities to impressive mountain vistas and bags of history, Lebanon has plenty to offer travellers looking to explore a truly unique destination. With a location right at the intersection of the Middle East and the West, this is a country looking to open its arms to tourists and show them the magic that lies within its borders.

With our brand new nine-day tour of Lebanon launching in 2020, we thought we’d give you a little more insight into this magical country – and why we thought it made the perfect destination for an exciting new tour.

We asked one of our Holiday Creators, Ellis, about her thoughts on this new Saga Travel destination, including her experiences exploring this country herself.

Ellis, tell us a little about your role here at Saga Travel, and why you enjoy it.

My role is to develop and deliver holiday products – both improving our current tours and developing new ones. I also deal with the day-to-day operational aspects of the holidays, ensuring they run to plan.
What I enjoy most about my role is discovering a new destination, and then being able to offer this to our guests. It’s a great feeling knowing that you’ve created a holiday that our guests are travelling on and enjoying.

So, why Lebanon?

Lebanon is a country that has recently seen increased interest from the tourism industry and has a growing reputation as a touring destination. We know our guests love a unique destination with lots to see, and Lebanon really fits the bill. The country has so much to offer, with archaeology, hikes, wine tasting, souks, limestone caves, plus the delicious cuisine, there really is something for everyone!

What was your most memorable experience when you visited?

It has to be the grand ruins in Baalbek, they really are something to see. Standing over 30m tall and 60m in length, I was in awe at how these huge structures were created without the machinery we have in the modern day. Not only is Baalbek an important Roman site, but there is also evidence that the city had been occupied since 3000 BC – many years before the Romans were around.

What will our guests experience on this tour?

As we’re touring the country, our guests will be able to experience some of the many sides to Lebanon – starting in the cosmopolitan capital, Beirut. They will then move inland, seeing hugely impressive archaeological sites in Baalbek, cedar tree-covered mountains, and World Heritage-listed valleys, before finally finishing along the Mediterranean coast. By the time they head home, our guests will feel like they have really uncovered the rich history of the country.

What surprised you about Lebanon?

What doesn’t surprise you about Lebanon? If I had to give a couple of specific things, firstly, it would be how Mediterranean the country felt. With its lush green cedar forests, warm climate and delicious cuisine, it has a truly Mediterranean vibe. I also found the people particularly hospitable and welcoming; the Lebanese are certainly happy that tourists are starting to return to experience their country.
Although Lebanon has previously seen unrest due to the civil war, which ended nearly 30 years ago, this modern country is now bouncing back – and is happily welcoming tourists to see what it has to offer. Expect to feel welcomed and safe when journeying to its many beautiful sites.

Exploring Lebanon with Saga Travel

When you book a spot on our brand-new Pearl of the Middle East tour to Lebanon, you’ll gain access to all of the usual touches that you’d expect from a Saga Travel holiday. With VIP door-to-door service to get you to the airport, all visa arrangements sorted for you, and porterage at all hotels, we’re on hand to make sure that your life is as easy as possible when you travel with us. Don’t forget your dedicated Saga Tour Manager, and full board meal offering - meaning that you’ll never have to wonder where you’re going to eat each day.

Sit back, relax, and make the most of beautiful Lebanon – we’ll take care of the details for you. To find out more about our tour, take a look at the full itinerary, or call our friendly team to discuss any questions you may have.

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