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14th October, 2019

The best destinations to visit as a solo traveller

Solo travel is undoubtedly on the rise. Back in January, we wrote all about why travelling solo is the new way to travel, and now, according to ABTA, the number of people who have taken a holiday on their own in the past year has doubled compared to six years ago - with one in nine now jetting off to explore the world in their own company.

But naturally, there are some considerations to be made when it comes to planning a solo adventure. A recent survey found that 73% of solo travellers cited safety concerns as one of the prominent issues in their mind when planning their breaks, while 53% worry about getting lost while in their destination. A further 39% also considered the additional stress that could be caused by planning a trip with no other travel companions.

With safety being such a prominent consideration for those considering exploring the world on their own, it makes sense that destination choice is one of the most important decisions. Choosing a destination that suits your requirements as an individual is the key to success, whether you long to lounge on a palm-laden beach, gazing at crystal clear waters, or you want to set off to explore some of the globe’s most impressive historical wonders.

One hotel booking website found that the five most popular destinations for solo travel were Thailand, Peru, Sydney, Portugal and Vietnam – due to a number of different reasons. At Saga Travel, we understand that travelling solo requires careful thought and consideration - and that recommendations can make a world of difference. That’s why we’ve asked some frequent solo travellers to share their favourite destinations to explore alone, as well as some advice that they would give to someone heading there for the first time.

Macaulay Thompson -

On your adventures as a solo traveller, what has been the best destination you’ve visited and why?

Destinations stand out for different reasons in my mind, and each one stamps unique impressions on my heart, so it’s always difficult to single out just one place. But if I had to pick my favourite solo trip within the last two years, it would be my visit to Peru. Machu Picchu had been on my bucket list for a while, so that solo jaunt was a lesson in deferred gratification -– one literally 17 years in the making!

And what advice would you give someone planning a solo trip to that destination?

If you don’t speak any Spanish, do a lot of research prior to boarding your flight. Also, taxis are safe for getting around, however, there is no metered cab system. Check with airport information or your hotel front desk to find out approximate fares and distances to venues and negotiate your rate with your driver before you get into the vehicle. If you’d rather not haggle, use Uber or the popular local equivalent, Taxi Beat. Of course, if something doesn’t feel right about a driver or situation, trust your instincts and don’t get in!

Daniel James -

On your adventures as a solo traveller, what has been the best destination you’ve visited and why?

As a solo traveller there are few countries in the world that can beat Italy. Not only is the food incredible and the cities full of history, but there are also amazing beaches, incredible mountain hikes, and plenty of culture to soak up across the regions. It’s a country I’ve visited countless times solo, and I’m always finding something new to do. In addition, I find that the public transport and trains are great for exploring as a solo traveller, and in general it’s a safe and welcoming country for those who might not be as confident travelling solo to some of my other favourite solo destinations, such as Indonesia or Oman.

And what advice would you give someone planning a solo trip to that destination?

The beauty of Italy is its diversity, so planning where to visit brings up countless options. While Rome and Milan might be the big draws, for solo travellers I’d really recommend heading to some of the lesser-known regions. Trentino, in the north, is perfect for hikers or water sports lovers, especially in the region of Valsugana. If you want beaches, great food and culture, then head to Puglia in the south. Some people stick to city breaks when travelling solo, but the smaller Italian towns with a real sense of community will allow you to feel off the beaten path, yet with all the conveniences (and food) of being in Italy!

Kristin Addis -

On your adventures as a solo traveller, what has been the best destination you’ve visited and why?

It’s so hard to choose but I loved Mozambique. It was beautiful, the beaches and diving are insane, it’s not overcrowded like so many places these days, and the other travellers it attracts are so interesting. Almost everyone had heard about it as a recommendation rather than seeing it on social media or in a guidebook.

And what advice would you give someone planning a solo trip to that destination?

As a solo traveller, I’d recommend heading to Tofo to meet others – it’s a coastal town on the south-eastern side of the country, with plenty of things to do.

Solo travel with Saga

Whether you’re planning your first solo adventure or are long-used to the bountiful opportunities that the world holds for those looking to go it alone, we can help you to ensure that your next adventure is perfect.

Explore our wonderful solo holidays, including hotel stays for solo travellers, or get in touch with a member of our friendly team to discuss your holiday wish list in more detail. We’re sure to find the perfect break for you.

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