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    Wildlife holidays

Get up close and personal on our special wildlife-focussed holidays

Tour the Azores whilst cruising out into the crisp blue waters in search of sperm, humpback and fin whales; put your explorer hat on as you go in search of Borneo’s orang-utans and proboscis monkeys; or discover a plethora of animals and birdlife as you journey through the cloud forests and along the coastline of Costa Rica, all accompanied by your wildlife expert.

Birdwatching and wildlife host, Diarmid Doody

quote marckWhat interesting or rare finds have you seen with customers whilst hosting a Saga wildlife holiday?

I have just come back from leading a Saga whale watching trip to the Azores where we had three huge whales alongside the boat. A massive blue whale, a huge fin whale and in between an incredibly rare hybrid. It had the dappled blue/grey skin of the blue whale, but instead of a stunted fin, it had a large, dark fin from the fin whale. They were probably its parents!

What do you think is the most interesting/ exciting part of your job?

I genuinely love being around people, sharing knowledge and helping to show people the natural world. As a professional wildlife cameraman filming all kinds of wildlife for television, I get such wonderful opportunities to see the world’s wildlife in intimate detail. I also use the images for painting wildlife too!

What's your favourite place to go wildlife watching?

That’s hard. I like everywhere I go! One of my biggest passions is going out and watching whales and dolphins. One of the most beautiful places that I go is the islands of the Azores. These enchanting islands are not only stunningly beautiful but are a tremendous place to see a big range of whales and dolphins in spring.

What is different about a Saga wildlife holiday and why should our customers go?

Many of my guests have travelled with specialist wildlife tour companies that can be extremely ‘full on’ and intense. It is still nice to see as much as possible but in a slightly less frenetic manner. We see amazing birds and animals on my trips yet still find time to relax in a comfortable hotel. Well done Saga!"