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Witness birds take flight and soar the skies of their natural habitat

Spot some of the hundreds of bird species – including the marble duck and black stork – as they visit one of Europe’s most important wetland reserves in Spain, or visit key sites in Spain which sit along the migratory route between Africa and Europe.

Featuring visits to a variety of birdwatching sites, and accompanied by an experienced host who has a passion for wildlife, these holidays are a great choice.

What do you think sparked your interest in bird watching? Have you always been interested? Where did you learn about bird watching and acquire the knowledge you convey to guests?

I was born in South Africa where I lived until the age of nine, which is where my passion for wildlife began. I would spend time in the game reserves with my father, who was a naturalist, writer and photographer.

When I came to the UK I became more interested in bird life and worked for several years for the RSPB, as a researcher. My speciality was birds of prey and I was involved in projects to increase numbers of Merlin, a tiny falcon that lives in the mountains, in the UK, as well as reintroducing Red Kites into the Highlands of Scotland.

What interesting or rare finds have you seen with customers whilst hosting a Saga bird-watching holiday?

On a trip to St Lucia we found a brand new species of dragonfly to the country, never ever seen there before – it is incredibly rare that this happens. We didn’t know what we had seen until we came home and did some research.

What do you think is the most interesting/ exciting part of your job?

I genuinely love being around people, sharing knowledge and helping to show people what they would like to see. In the past I have been a TV presenter for a wildlife programme in Wales, at the same time as being a wildlife cameraman for the show. I am currently working on plans for a new TV series, which is very exciting!

Where in the world is your favourite place to go bird-watching and favourite bird to see?

That’s hard. I like everywhere I go! One of my biggest passions is actually going out and watching whales and dolphins. One of the most beautiful places that I go is The Azores – not very good for birds, but great for whales and dolphins. Everyone I take there falls in love with it! I also love going to St Lucia to see the Frigatebird – it looks like a pterodactyl!

What is different about a Saga bird-watching holiday and why should our customers go?

Some wildlife holidays can be very full-on and tiring. With Saga it is at a more relaxed pace. We know that our guests might like to also enjoy a gin and tonic and a swim in the pool of an evening. Our holidays are great for beginners and enthusiasts alike!