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    Art appreciation holidays

Be inspired by fine antiques and works of art

Explore Liverpool Tate Gallery as you discover the city’s treasure trove of galleries, head to the Costa Brava where a visit to Barcelona reveals the works of Picasso, or find inspiration for your own work of art in the Lake District.

Our art appreciation holidays are designed to inform and inspire and are an ideal choice whether you have a growing or existing interest in the world of art and antiques. Informative talks by your expert hosts will prepare you for your included visits to galleries and museums, so you can gain a greater understanding, and even discover something new.

Art host, Linda Hollingshead

What do you think sparked your interest in art?

I have painted for all of my life and am also a professional artist after having spent five years at art college and studying art history too. I have always been fascinated in colour and light, as well as being interested in lots of different artists and what influenced and inspired them.

You yourself are an artist – do you think this influences the way in which you appreciate art at all?

Absolutely, because when I look at a painting I am looking from the perspective of an artist who understands the work that has gone into it and how it has been created, and I can also enjoy it as a viewer and see the overall power of the piece.

What do you think is the most interesting/ exciting part of your job?

It is as simple as just being involved in the art world. There is so much variety and I really feel that art is such an important aspect of people’s lives. It broadens your outlook on life.

Art appreciation is subjective – what advice would you give to someone who perhaps isn’t as open to experiencing new and different types of art?

I would say just be open. Be as open as you can be just to experiencing new art and then decide afterwards how you feel about it. I feel doing this helps you to look at the world in a different way and see the world through someone else’s eyes.

Where is your favourite place to go for art appreciation?

I feel that Liverpool has some great art collections – there are some wonderful art collections in that part of the country.

I find it hard to pick one particular holiday that stands out as they are all so different.

Do you have any interesting stories or anecdotes from your time hosting Saga art appreciation holidays?

On one holiday I had a very traditional guest who was unsure about visiting a conceptual exhibition in the programme. We had a conversation beforehand about how she could be more open too it and when she came out of the exhibition she had absolutely loved it! I have seen her on various art tours since and she now loves conceptual art and art installations.

I feel that of the guests that come on the tours, people always find that there is something for everyone. Having the talks in the evening really help prepare people. We might talk about a particular artist, art movement or specific pieces and so people can go and look for things that they might otherwise have missed – they find it really valuable!"