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    History & archaeology holidays

Delve into the past for an unforgettable journey

Unearth the ancient past of nations worldwide, from the Roman presence in the UK and the secrets of the ancient Egyptians, to the impression left across Europe by the mighty Greeks and the unknown treasures of Uzbekistan - all part of our archaeology and history holidays.

Our expertly planned archaeology holidays are ideal if you’ve always had an interest in the lives of past civilisations or the incredible structures they left behind. A knowledgeable host will guide you on these fascinating journeys, which include visits to key sites and informative talks that bring history to life. We are here to make your history holidays an experience you will treasure.

Archaeology Host, Julia Opperman

When hosting an Archaeological Special Interest holiday for Saga, I like to pass on my enthusiasm and passion for the country and sites we visit. I’m at my happiest when in Italy, Greece and Turkey or a Romano British site.