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It's time to... Go for it

Go beyond the expected trails for jaw-dropping adventure and cultural experiences.

In the safe hands of one of our Local Expert Guides you could be venturing through the rainforests or exploring off road amid some incredible landscapes as you head off the tourist trail on these unforgettable touring holidays and lodge stays.

Choose from a variety of destinations including South Africa, India, Montenegro and much more…

Your Local Expert Guide will help you immerse in the local culture, while your carefully chosen accommodation – such as lodges and tented camps – will reflect the authentic experience you’ll have as you ignite your spirit of adventure.

Some of the experiences you could expect…

  • Heading out on excursions in a variety of vehicles – including 4x4, canoe, train and even the odd camel!
  • Sundowner drinks in exotic locations
  • Game walks, white-water rafting, jeep safaris, and much more
  • Stays in regional authentic accommodation
  • Opportunities to taste the local delicacies, should you wish

Go for it at a pace to suit you…

We’ve rated each holiday based on how active they are, so you can choose a level that feels right for you.

Pace 1   Enjoy a relaxed pace, which is likely to involve travel in 4x4 vehicles.

Pace 2   More demanding, with longer trips over uneven terrain, possibly involving several hours of walking per day.

Pace 3   Most strenuous, likely to involve a lot of walking over difficult terrain such as jungle and mountains, perhaps at altitude.

An Indian woman drying a colourful saree under the sun

Embark on an incredible Silk Road adventure

We're delighted to sponsor Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road Adventure. Follow in her footsteps with this collection of incredible journeys…

Africa's Southern Soul

Okavango Delta is a UNESCO World Heritage site

This overland safari is for those with an adventurous heart and includes a 3,200-mile epic journey across South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Enjoy game drives in some of Africa’s most prestigious National Parks, visit the Okavango Delta and see impressive Victoria Falls.

A Passage through Assam

MV Mahabaahu
Voyage along the Brahmaputra through the untouched Assamese Heartlands on a thrilling adventure in search of the region’s rich cultural history and the elusive one-horned rhino. You’ll head out on a jeep safari in Kaziranga National Park where you could be rewarded with sightings of panthers, elephants and tigers, and you’ll taste refreshing Assam tea surrounded by the sweeping plantations that created it.

Join a worldwide adventure

The glories of Banff National Park

Experience Europe

Travel through the rugged interior