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Discover more on our small ship cruises

Croatia’s coast and are famous for their beautiful archipelagos of small picturesque islands. If you ever wanted to visit these islands, the best way is to join a cruise. We have a great collection of small-group tours, which include cruises by small ships, so you are able to reach even the smallest, more inaccessible islands and discover their unique charm.

Cruise with Katarina Line

Croatia’s archipelago comprises some of the world’s most beautiful islands, all of which have their own character. Katarina Line is Croatia’s leading small ship cruise company, giving you the chance to explore the beauty of Croatia’s smaller islands and islets.

We have been working with Katarina Line for a number of years and have built a great relationship together, as we believe they provide the exceptional standards we expect for our discerning customers, and the very best experience of small ship cruising in Croatia.