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    Small Group Tours

See more of the world on a small group tour

Small group tours get you closer to your destination, and offer more authentic encounters with the people and places you see along the way.

Saga’s collection of small group tours includes epic adventures, exciting encounters and once-in-a-lifetime journeys all around the world. Travelling in groups of less than 25 guests, you’ll be able to truly immerse yourself in the whole travel experience, and gain a better understanding of the people and places you see.

Many of our small group tours offer big, life-enriching experiences that simply wouldn’t be the same in a larger group. Staying in a tented camp in Kenya’s Masai Mara Game Reserve, looking out for Royal Bengal tigers in the jungles of India or visiting tribal villages on the ‘lost continent’ of Madagascar… these are just some of the epic adventures you can have.

Travelling in a small group has other benefits too. In addition to the main sights, you’ll be able to head off the beaten track and get a taste of local life, and discover out-of-the-way places the larger tourist groups can’t reach. You’ll soon get to know your fellow travellers and Saga Tour Manager, and return home with new friends and memories you’ll treasure for years.

Book with confidence

Saga has been creating holidays for 70 years. From small beginnings we’ve grown to a global brand and today our range of holidays and tours promises the highest quality, exceptional value and customer service that is second to none.

Saga travellers can book with confidence, even in these uncertain times. We include a Reassurance Promise on every holiday, giving you included travel insurance and flexible cancellation cover.

Plus, the Saga Price Promise means you’ll never miss out if we reduce the price after you’ve booked. With no hidden extras and no surcharges guaranteed, you can look forward to your holiday with complete peace of mind.

Nicholas Farrell with a Saga chauffeur

VIP travel service

Enjoy the anticipation of your holiday as your chauffeur picks you up from your doorstep, and experience a relaxing journey on your return home.

Included on every Worldwide holiday.