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    Step aboard Rocky Mountaineer

Discover the Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rocky Mountains epitomize the spirit of adventure – a vast land of rugged snow-topped peaks, pine-scented valleys and thundering waterfalls.

Take a once-in-a-lifetime trip aboard Rocky Mountaineer and as you gaze out of the large wrap-around windows spectacular scenery will unfold around you and you may see some of the local wildlife such as bear, moose and bald eagles.

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Travel by SilverLeaf service which includes:

Travel by SilverLeaf service
  • A seat in the single-level Dome Coach, with a large viewing area.
  • Spacious reclining seats which can rotate to accommodate groups of four.
  • Freshly prepared breakfasts and lunches served at your seat.
  • Complimentary wine or beer with lunch, plus complimentary non-alcoholic drinks served throughout the day.
  • Luggage delivered to your hotel in Kamloops.

Or, upgrade to GoldLeaf service which includes:

Upgrade to GoldLeaf service
  • A seat in the Dome Car, with a reclining seat which can rotate to accommodate groups of 4, and a spectacular 360º view from the full-length dome windows.
  • Access to the open-air vestibule.
  • Complimentary snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks served at your seat throughout the day.
  • A menu of freshly prepared gourmet breakfasts and lunches served in the dining room on the lower level.
  • Luggage delivered to your hotel room in Kamloops.

Please call for details.

Canadian moose

Canadian moose

Moose are closely associated with Canada and Alaska, and live mainly in forested or marshy areas. If you are lucky enough to spot moose during your trip to the Rocky Mountains you will not fail to notice what endearing but strange creatures they are.

With their long legs, hefty antlers, hump back, large ears, bearded chin and over-hanging top lip they are certainly impressive. They are fast movers, good swimmers and fierce protectors of their young. You may see them eating water plants that grow in the lakes and streams, or in the forests eating the branches of willow, birch and aspen trees.

Grizzly bears

Grizzly bears

There are approximately 1,800 grizzly bears in North America and during your time in the Canadian Rockies you may come across one or two.

They hibernate for 5-7 months of each year, and while the male grizzly’s hibernation ends in early to mid-March, females emerge in April or early May.

You may spot bears eating both plants and animals. They eat moose, elk, deer and bighorn sheep as well as salmon and trout, berries and sedge grass.

Bald eagles

Bald eagles

Soaring majestically above the jagged peaks of the Rockies you will often see bald eagles, the national bird of America.

These birds are sea eagles, which can be found near large bodies of water as they mainly feed on fish. They are not actually bald; their name derives from an old word meaning ‘white headed’.

These are impressive creatures with wingspans up to 2.3 meters.

Experience all this on our Rocky Mountaineer Escorted Tour

Rocky Mountaineer

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Have an adventure on the Rocky Mountaineer train

Have an adventure on the Rocky Mountaineer train