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    Holidays to Colombia

"It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams."

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Colombian novelist

From the golden sands of the Caribbean coastline to the silvery peaks of the Andes Mountains, Colombia’s riches are many and varied.

This is the land which inspired Marquez’ magic realism, and travelling here you can understand why. Dotted around the Andean foothills you’ll find sleepy towns steeped in history (and coffee!), while waves crash on the wild Atlantic coastline and steamy Caribbean jungle cloaks the coastal hills of Santa Marta.

There’s a mysterious past to be discovered too, with archaeological splendours hidden deep in the jungle and in underground tombs. Colonial towns abound, from the beautifully preserved Cartagena to the cobbled streets of Villa de Leyva. Vibrant Bogotá will satisfy the culture hungry with its wonderful Gold Museum and art galleries and restaurants all dotted around La Candelaria, the cobbled colonial centre.

Over the Andes the land drops down into the Los Llanos grasslands stretching all the way to Venezuela, while a vast tract of Amazon Rainforest sweeps south to meet Brazil and Peru.