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    Holidays to North America

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    Holidays to North America
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    Holidays to North America

Experience a trip to big, brash and beautiful North America

From Alaska's mighty glaciers to the iconic Mount Rushmore, foot-tapping New Orleans to the tranquility of Lake Louise, this vast continent offers supersized travel experiences. Glory at the Canadian Rockies, glide the mighty Mississippi, stagger at the Grand Canyon, get soaked at Niagara or visit the home of the King in Memphis.

You can experience all of this when you embark on one of our holidays to the USA and Canada.

Places in North America


Cool mountain peaks and even ‘cooler’ cities, holidays in Canada offer a world of experiences

Costa Rica

Green and serene - from verdant cloud forests to jungle-fringed beaches, Costa Rica is a little slice of paradise


From the endless skies over Arizona to the neck-craning skyscrapers of New York – big is most certainly beautiful in the US