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Boasting colourful coastal cities and extraordinary rural landscapes, Sweden is an unspoilt paradise and a breath of fresh air…

From the west coast to the east, including all its indulgent scenery in between, Sweden has been captivating visitors for years. Secluded beaches, rich green valleys, and fairy-tale castles are just a few of the delights you can expect. In Swedish Lapland in the northwest, you’ll find wintry forests and snow-capped mountains, and you might even spot the aurora borealis if you visit between September and March.

Further south, you can savour the hospitality and entertainment in the busier towns. Sweden’s three largest cities, Stockholm, Malmö, and Gothenburg, each have a distinct personality, but all boast picturesque streets and surprisingly cosmopolitan centres.

As a country with a large geographical area and a small population, Sweden is the perfect place to escape bustling crowds. City or countryside, wherever you go, you are sure to find space to unwind and enjoy a slice of peace.


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