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    Costa De Almeria holidays

Boasting the most hours of sunshine in the whole of Spain, Costa de Almeria is an intriguing blend of deserts, wild beaches and Moorish whitewashed houses

Founded in 955AD, it boasts a fascinating history and a pleasant climate that has attracted tourists to the area since the 1960s, all wanting to enjoy beautiful Almeria holidays. The city of Almeria is overlooked by the Islamic fortress of Alcazaba and a Gothic-style cathedral, and many of its buildings exude African overtones. It's also a famous filming location for Spaghetti Westerns, including a few Clint Eastwood classics!

The wealth of farming communities surrounding the area here mean that local produce is deliciously fresh, and there's a distinctly traditional Andalusian culture prevalent in the villages of this region. If you're a foodie, then holidays in Almeria, Spain, are perfect for you.

The breathtaking Cabo de Gata National Park is one of the highlights of Costa de Almeria and is filled with hidden coves, white sandy beaches, steep cliffs, volcanic rock formations and a variety of wildlife. The coastal area is ideal for lazy strolls during your Almeria holidays and there are plenty of beachfront bars and seasonal seafood restaurants known as 'Chiringuitos' dotted along the shore.

So if you want to bask in the sunshine of southern Spain without being surrounded by tourists, Costa de Almeria is without doubt the best destination!