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    Canary Islands holidays

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    Canary Islands holidays
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    Canary Islands holidays

“I just don’t think you can beat the imposing majesty of Mount Teide, watching over the island.”

Richard Newsome, Holiday Creator

Warmed by the currents of the Gulf Stream, the Canaries benefit from year-round sunshine

The Canary Islands are a diverse little archipelago with two things in common: great weather year-round and some of the best beaches in Europe. They are Spain's most far-flung territory, sitting just off of the coast of northwest Africa.

Tenerife, the largest of the islands, is renowned for its landscape of lush forests, mountains and dark volcanic beaches. Lanzarote has a distinctive lunar-like landscape and nowhere are the Canaries' volcanic origins more evident than here.

Places in the Canary Islands


Lanzarote is the Goldilocks of the Canary Islands…


Discover an island where the sun shines all year, an otherworldly landscape meets crystal blue seas, and a distinct island culture is waiting to welcome you…