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"Your life is wasted if you don’t live it the way you like"

Romanian proverb

It’s not all about Dracula…

From the mighty Carpathian Mountains to the Iron Gates of the Danube, the natural beauty of Romania is bold and exhilarating. One of Europe's most fascinating countries, Romania has dramatic landscapes aplenty. You'll also find brooding medieval castles and a penchant for superstition and fright-inducing folklore that may well keep you up at night. Transylvania is (of course) well stocked with imposing castles perched on precipitous cliff faces - including chez Dracula, otherwise known as Bran Castle. While in rural Maramureş charming medieval villages remain surprisingly untouched by the 21st century.

Things to do

All aboard for a river cruise of the Danube, one of Europe's longest rivers. Visit the great cities and landscapes of the Balkans, including Romania's bordering countries of Hungary, Croatia and Bulgaria, before sailing on to the Black Sea. Explore the capital on a walking tour of Bucharest, strolling its tree-lined boulevards and visiting its excellent museums, or wander the streets of medieval villages, where folk crafts and folk tales still thrive to this day. Marvel at the magical Peles Castle, step back in time at ASTRA in Sibiu one of the largest outdoor museums in Europe and spot rare birdlife along the stunning Danube Delta and its protected wetland habitat.