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Discover the unspoilt islands of the Azores

The unspoilt islands of the Azores are famed for their stunning natural beauty of rugged cliffs, volcanic craters, towering peaks and bubbling hot springs. This tour offers a flavour of three of these islands – São Miguel, Terceira and Faial – which are scattered like jewels in the Atlantic Ocean.


14 nights in hotels

30 meals: 14 breakfasts (B), 2 lunches(L) and 14 dinners(D)

Excursions and visits

  • See Sete Cidades Crater lakes
  • Ponta Delgada island capital visit
  • Visit Capelinhos Museological Nucleus and Capelinhos volcano
  • Tour the island of Terceira
  • Angra do Heroismo town walking tour

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September 1, 2016 and August 31, 2017

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Day 1 UK-São Miguel

Sao Miguel

Depart the UK for your flight to Ponta Delgada on the island of São Miguel. Continue to the locally rated 4-star Hotel Marina Atlantico (4Q) for a four-night stay. D

Sao Miguel Azores Portugal Europe Ponta Delgada

Day 2 Sete Cidades

Sete Cidades

An included half-day tour takes you to the Sete Cidades Crater lake. The Sete Cidades is an extinct volcano that rises approximately 580 metres above sea level. From the edge of the massive crater there's a magnificent view of the two lakes below, one blue and the other green. B, D

Sao Miguel Azores Portugal Europe Sete Cidades Ponta Delgada

Day 3 Furnas and Nordeste


An optional full-day excursion takes you to the village of Furnas and Nordeste. B, D

Sao Miguel Azores Portugal Europe Furnas Nordeste

Optional excursions

Enjoy a short orientation tour of the inland village of Furnas this morning. Set in the beautiful Furnas valley, the village and lake are about 30 minutes from Ponta Delgada. The valley contains many hot springs, spas and geysers and local people bury pots of meat and vegetables in the hot ground around the lake to cook their famous 'cozido'. Afterwards, drive along the coast to Nordeste, with photo stops and a visit to a private garden. Travel via the scenic Salto do Cavalo Pass to Nordeste, an attractive town with a famous bridge. Lunch is included.

Nordeste Sao Miguel Azores Portugal Europe Furnas

Day 4 São Miguel

Sao Miguel

Enjoy an included half-day excursion to Ponta Delgada, capital of São Miguel. Once just a tiny fishing village, it is now the largest town in the Azores, with its Portuguese-influenced architecture evident in its white houses, impressive churches and convents. Particular highlights include the 16th-century St Sebastião and Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Esperanca. B, D

Sao Miguel Azores Portugal Europe Ponta Delgada

Day 5 São Miguel to Faial


Today, travel to the airport for your flight to Faial. Continue to Horta where you stay four nights at the locally-rated 4-star Hotel do Canal (4Q). B, D

Faial Island Azores Portugal Europe Horta

Day 6 Faial


Enjoy an optional half-day whale-watching excursion.

Faial Island Azores Portugal Europe

Optional excursions

Visit the feeding grounds of humpback, sei, fin, pilot, sperm and blue whale, the largest mammal on earth. You'll  travel on a boat that carries approximately 65 passengers and the species you might see depends on the season. For example, it's only possible to see blue whales in the spring when they are migrating to Newfoundland, whereas orcas, sperm whales and pilot whales can potentially be seen all year round. However, no wildlife sightings can be guaranteed.

Go whale watching
Azores Portugal Europe

Day 7 Island tour

Volcanic crater

Today’s included full-day tour visits the Capelinhos Museological Nucleus, where you can learn about the dramatic eruption of the Capelinhos volcano in 1957, and the huge crater, or caldeira. The area surrounding the crater is protected and depending on the season, you may see colourful displays of agapanthus lilies or other flowers in bloom. B, D

Faial Island Azores Portugal Europe

Day 8 Pico


An optional excursion uncovers the sublime beauty of Faial’s neighbouring island. B, D

Pico Azores Portugal Europe

Optional excursions

Travel by ferry to Madalena on Pico Island, accompanied by a local guide. You'll also stop at a church before pausing at a local restaurant in São João for lunch. Continue to the whaling museum in Lajes then, crossing the centre of the island, you'll see Portugal’s highest mountain, the 2,351-metre dormant Pico volcano. Your final stop is at São Roque do Pico, with its attractive rock pools.

Pico Island
Pico Azores Portugal Europe

Day 9 Faial to Terceira


Travel to the airport and fly to Angra do Heroismo, where you stay four nights at the locally rated 4-star Terceira Mar Hotel (4Q). B, D

Terceira Azores Portugal Europe Angra do Heroismo

Day 10 Terceira tour


Today you can enjoy a full-day included excursion, exploring both the east and west coasts and the summit of the Serra de Cume with panoramic vistas over Terceira. B, L, D

Terceira Azores Portugal Europe Serra de Cume

Day 11 Terceira


Spend the day at leisure. Later this afternoon, an included guided walking tour will reveal the 16th-century town of Angra do Heroísmo, whose highlights include the cathedral, city hall and General Captain's Palace. Alternatively, you could join an optional excursion to West Terceira and Algar do Carvão cave. B, D

Terceira Azores Portugal Europe Algar do Carvao General Captains Palace

Optional excursions

Enjoy a visit to one of the most astonishing sights of the Azores – the volcanic cave of Algar do Carvão. Once inside and having descended a lot of steps you'll see magnificent stalagmites, stalactites and a lake. Afterwards, visit the natural swimming pools, created by a lava stream. Continue along the coastal road to see the beautiful woodlands of Serreta and visit a small cheese producer in Cinco Ribeiras.

Algar do Carvao Terceira Azores Portugal Europe

Day 12 Terceira


Enjoy a day at leisure or perhaps join in with some optional activities, which include birdwatching, horse riding and golf. B, D

Terceira Azores Portugal Europe

Day 13 Terceira to São Miguel

Sao Miguel

Today you'll have some time at leisure before flying to São Miguel, where you stay a further two nights at the Hotel Marina Atlantico (4Q). B, D

Sao Miguel Azores Portugal Europe Ponta Delgada

Day 14 São Miguel

Sao Miguel

Enjoy a day of leisure. Alternatively, an optional excursion visits Ribeira Grande and Fire Lake. B, D

Sao Miguel Azores Portugal Europe Ribeira Grande Ponta Delgada Fire Lake

Optional excursions

This excursion takes you inland to Ribeira Grande, the oldest and largest town on São Miguel’s north coast. A guided walking tour reveals the historic town, where the churches and attractive architecture show a strong Portuguese influence. Afterwards, to Lagoa do Fogo, enjoying spectacular views over the island. The so-called ‘Fire Lake’ is set in the crater of an extinct volcano and is considered the most beautiful lake in the Azores.

Fire Lake
Fire Lake Sao Miguel Azores Portugal Europe

Day 15 São Miguel-UK

Fly home

Travel to the airport for your flight back to the UK. B

Sao Miguel Azores Portugal Europe

Please note

Departures on April 21, 2018 will stay an extra night on Horta, flying to Terceira on day 10 for a three-night stay instead.

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