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    AzoresAzores holidays

"It was good to be a little Island. A part of the world and a world of its own, all surrounded by the bright blue sea."

Margaret Wise Brown, The Little Island

Islands like gems scattered in the Atlantic, an idyllic whale-watching paradise, the Azores beckons…

Comprising nine unspoilt, volcanic islands, the Azores boasts a mild year-round climate and beautiful scenery. Rugged cliffs, volcanic craters, towering peaks and bubbling hot springs… nature has bestowed a variety of landscapes on these islands, making them a delight to explore on Azores holidays.

The Azores have been inhabited since the mid 15th century, so you’ll also discover a fascinating history with links to Christopher Columbus and even the legend of Atlantis!


Don’t miss…

  • Terceira: Situated in a large bay with a sandy beach on the eastern shore, the pretty port of Praia da Vitória is the gateway to Terceira. Take a visit to the natural swimming pools and coastal town of Biscoitos on your holidays in the Azores, pass by volcanic craters on your way to the capital, Angra do Heroismo, and keep your eye out for the Holy Spirit houses – there are almost 70 on the island, and all are beautifully ornate.
  • Ponta Delgada: The capital city of São Miguel, and the largest city of the Azores, Ponta Delgada is a relatively affluent port with plenty of impressive churches and beautifully tiled streets, as well as the typical narrow cobbled backstreets to explore.
  • Horta: This thriving town is a popular stop for yachts crossing the Atlantic, so a stroll around the marina is an enjoyable pastime. You may also notice that every concrete surface seems to be covered with murals of varying quality – these paintings are effectively the calling cards of the various yachts that have paid a visit over the years!