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    Italy holidays

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    Italy holidays
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    Italy holidays
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    Italy holidays

“What I love is that the cooking in Italy is regional. Everything is so fresh and healthy.”

Jennifer Richetto - Buyer

Italy makes living the good life seem so simple

Picture yourself sipping a glass of red on a wine-tasting tour of Tuscany, catching the breeze on a sailing trip across Lake Garda, gazing at the pink-hued pinnacles of the Dolomites or marvelling at fabulous architecture in Florence.

Italy just oozes style, culture and effortless beauty - you'll see it in the seductive beaches of the Sorrento Coast, the jaw-dropping sight of Mount Etna and in the people themselves, who make the business of everyday living into a true art form.

Places in Italy

Lake Molveno

Beautiful Lake Molveno lies to the north of Lake Garda, beside the Brenta region of the Dolomite mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage site


A distinctly Italian island with a hidden history and spectacular surroundings…


Architectural adventure, and Italian cuisine with a Sicilian twist, awaits you on this Mediterranean island…


This pretty coastal town is a great base from which to explore this stunning region of Italy