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Exceed your expectations – explore the continent on your doorstep

There are so many great European holidays for you to choose from whether you want to discover the beauty of Croatia, explore the elegant cities of Italy, relax on Spain’s golden beaches, try delicious authentic tapas in Cantabria, explore Portugal’s pretty villages, travel through Austria by rail or see the incredible Northern Lights in Norway.

If you prefer something closer to home, we have a great selection of holidays in the UK so you can escape to the seaside in Cornwall and Devon, get outdoorsy in Wales, go shopping in London or Chester, or indulge your passion for music, garden or art with one of our Special Interest holidays.

Alternatively, why not choose one of our relaxing river cruises? Whether you want to discover the fairy-tale castles of the Rhine, the quaint towns and villages of the Elbe or France, or the vineyards of the Douro, there’ll be something to suit you.

Places in Europe

The Adriatic and beyond

Explore the beautiful Adriatic and beyond…


Experience the unspoilt beauty of the Mediterranean’s best kept secret


Home of Lipizzaners, lakes and musical greats…


Discover a country of culture and beauty...


Birthplace of the Greek goddess of beauty and love, this sun-drenched island is worthy of such an accolade

Czech Republic

Experience sophistication and relaxation in the Czech Republic, a land that brims with culture, class and calm.


Feel the dry desert breeze from the Sahara and contemplate 5,000 years of human history in the magical land of the pharaohs


Small but perfectly formed, Estonia exudes a gentle grace that will charm any visitor


Discover Europe’s most sparsely populated country…


Provence, Bordeaux, Burgundy…


Atmospheric castles, opulent palaces, Alpine peaks and great rivers


Tagged on to the end of Iberia, the intriguing British outpost of Gibraltar is dominated by a sandy peninsula and the stunning 1,400-feet-high limestone Rock


It has history by the bucket- (and spade) full…


From Amsterdam’s canal network to verdant fields inland, Holland holidays combine culture with sheer beauty, and are just a short flight from the UK.


Did you know Budapest has the most thermal springs of any capital in the world?


Iceland is a realm of epic landscapes, where volcanoes reach high into the midnight sun and glaciers glint in the moonlight


A warm welcome awaits you on the Emerald Isle, where romantic landscapes filled with geological gems will sweep you off your feet


Italy makes living the good life seem so simple


A lovely year-round climate, 7,000 years of history and an affection for the British


Montenegro is the rising star of the Mediterranean – discover its heart-stirring beauty and charming culture


Visit the land of the midnight sun and discover one of the most beautiful countries on earth


Poland may not be the most obvious holiday destination…


Spectacular beaches, historic cities and some of the world’s finest wines...


It’s not all about Dracula…


Stretching from the cultural powerhouses of Moscow and St Petersburg in the west, to the frozen tip of Siberia in the east, Russia is vast


Where has the world’s greatest number of castles and chateaux per capita?


Enter a pristine alpine landscape…


Welcome to Spain and her beautiful islands...


Boasting colourful coastal cities and extraordinary rural landscapes, Sweden is an unspoilt paradise and a breath of fresh air…


Picture perfect from every Alpine turn and medieval tower, Switzerland’s spectacular scenery is a feast for the eyes.


East meets west in spectacular style amid Turkey’s splendid cities and sun-drenched coastlines.


Even if you’ve lived your whole life in the UK, there’s always somewhere new to discover.

Europe & the Mediterranean

Incredible holidays to Europe

The British Isles

Discover our collection of holidays in the British Isles