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Your Silk Road Adventure starts here

We're delighted to sponsor Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road Adventure, and you can follow in her footsteps with this handpicked collection of journeys from Europe to the Far East.

From the wine regions of Georgia and the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, to Uzbekistan’s rich architecture and cultural treasures of China, this region will ignite your passion for adventure.

Uncover the history of the Silk Road

Formally established during China’s Han Dynasty when trade was officially opened to the West, the network of trade routes romantically named the Silk Road stretch from Europe to the Far East. A variety of goods were traded through the routes, including silk from China (a highly-prized luxury in the Roman Empire), fruit and vegetables, paper, leather and precious gems. It was also an opportunity to share language, culture and religion – all of which have had a lasting impact on modern-day life nearly six centuries since the Silk Road was last used for international trade.

A snapshot of our Silk Road interactive map

Follow the ancient Silk Road

Use our interactive map to see Joanna Lumley's journey along the Silk Road.