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Norway cruises

Cruise the stunning fjords to see Mother Nature at her finest

It's the main attraction of cruising through Norway – winding your way through picture-postcard scenes of green landscapes, sparkling blue ocean and quaint villages clinging to the hillsides.

But sail with Saga, and you'll be on a smaller ship, so you'll berth alongside smaller towns and quays – ones the big ships have to avoid – getting you closer to the sights and right into the heart of the action.

It doesn't have to be all about relaxing though. For 2018/19 we've unveiled a host of exciting experiences, such as skiing lessons, kayaking in the fjords, helicopter trips and whale watching with marine experts ORCA.


Pick your season

We arrange cruises to make the most of the seasons. In winter you can enjoy thrilling activities such as sno-mobiling, skiing lessons on our Brights Lights in Norway cruise, or visiting a hotel made entirely of ice.

While in the spring and summer, we offer cruises timed to see the first spring blooms of the flowers, and summertime voyages when the sparkling fjords and lush green landscapes reach their peak of beauty.

Aerial shot of the world famous Atlantic Road in Norway, connecting small land masses between bright blue open waters.

A mouthwatering cruise

Want a true taste of Norway? One cruise not only showcases the magnificent fjordland scenery, but Norwegian cuisine too. There’ll be cooking demonstrations on board from a Norwegian chef, and ashore you can dine like a local at a family run fruit farm, and learn to cook like a local at the Klipfish Academy. Delicious!

Seek out the Northern Lights

Lighting up the Arctic sky in glowing bands of green, pink and violet, the Northern Lights can flicker away within seconds or glow for hours.

Our cruises visit at the peak time of year, and we even include an excursion that will take you out across the tundra, for the best chance to see them dancing in the sky.

Unforgettable moments under the stars

Join us to seek out the Northern Lights in 2020 and you can look forward to so many unforgettable and magical experiences. Snuggle round a campfire in a secluded wilderness spot looking out for Nature’s most extraordinary light show, go husky sledding across the wilderness and warm up afterwards in a traditional ‘lavvo’ tent, meet the local Sami people and learn about the life of a reindeer herder, you can even go skiing if the mood takes you…. truly unforgettable.

The bright lights of Reine Village, Lofoten Islands, Norway at sunset.

Take a hike, if you like!

Feeling active? On selected Norway cruises you can go hiking across the massive glaciers of the country.

So grab your crampons and follow an expert guide higher and higher up the blue ice – learning about the fascinating natural history of Norway along the way.

Departure Date Holiday Name Lead Price Number of Nights Ship Name  
October 2, 2018 Scenic Scandinavia £2,039 10 nights Saga Pearl II
December 10, 2018 Scandinavian Festive Delights £1,107 7 nights Saga Pearl II
April 11, 2019 A Norwegian Saga £960 6 nights Saga Sapphire
July 15, 2019 Norwegian Menu £1,017 7 nights Saga Sapphire