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    Antwerp Town Hall
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    Rotterdam’s Erasmus Bridge
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    St Joseph’s Church, Le Havre
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    The Old Town of Bruges

Continental Flavours

Spirit of Adventure departing Portsmouth

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Enjoy a week on the continent

Cruise into the historic heart of Antwerp, home to the medieval Het Steen fortress, and enjoy an overnight stay. See the 16th-century city hall and guild houses surrounding the Grote Markt town square. Visit Rotterdam with its modern architecture and Zeebrugge, gateway to Belgium’s Flanders region. Trace the Normandy coast of France to visit Le Havre, a city which owes its modernist redesign to architect Auguste Perret.

Your two included sightseeing excursions will be in

  • Antwerp, Belgium
  • Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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Continental Flavours

Spirit of Adventure departing Portsmouth