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What to wear

Dress codes on our ocean cruises

Our cruises are welcoming and friendly. So when it comes to the dress code on board, we want everyone to be comfortable and able to enjoy themselves.

That said, getting smartly dressed up for the occasional formal night has long been part of the fun of cruising. So make sure you do have your gladrags packed too.

Formal evenings

The number of formal nights you can expect varies depending upon the length of your cruise:

  • 4 days or fewer- there are no formal nights
  • 5-7 days - one formal night
  • 8-11 days - two formal nights
  • 12-21 days - three formal nights
  • For cruises of 22 days or more, there will be one additional formal night per week

A glamorous long dress and sequinned shrug or pashmina are perfect partners for an elegant champagne dinner, and a tuxedo and bow tie are the ultimate in sophistication (although a dark suit or dinner jacket would also be just fine!)

Keeping it casual

It's your cruise, and your comfort is of course, the most important thing. That's why casual or informal wear is the standard on board. Especially during the day.

For dinner, keeping it smart/casual is the way to go. Just like you would at any other restaurant back home.