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Explore Ashore

A brand new way to experience your destinations

Explore Ashore

Our Explore Ashore team will be on hand for cruises aboard all our ships. This exciting service heralds a brand new way to plan and enjoy your time ashore, tailored to exactly how you want it.

So what is Explore Ashore?

Its an exciting service led by our on board team of experts, brimming with local knowledge. You’ll find them at the travel desk on your ship, ready to help you get the most out of your time on land.

More than a normal excursion

Of course there will be a varied programme of shore excursions each insightful and fascinating in their own right. But Explore Ashore is much more than that.

Rather than a tour of thousands, let us show you the main sights of your destination on a small‑group excursion. You won’t feel rushed or herded around on the tourist trail. Its far more personal, and memorable too.

The Explore Ashore team are really in the know

Well-travelled and full of ideas, they can help you get exactly what you want out of your holiday, in all of the ports of call we visit. They’ll be happy to research and provide independent travel advice too. At no extra charge of course.

Bespoke tours, with you in mind

Can't find anything you like in the standard programme of shore excursions? Then let us create a bespoke tour, taking in everything you want. All the highlights from your guidebook, and more.

How about an introduction to the owner of an impressive castle, who might enable you to discover secrets most tourists never see? Or perhaps you simply want to grab a map, book a taxi and go freestyle? Whatever you want, we’ll be delighted to make it happen.

How to book

Explore Ashore bespoke experiences are only available to plan and book on board. Visit the Explore Ashore desk on board and the team will be happy to assist.