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29th January, 2020

Mid Atlantic

Hello Blog readers, here we are, millions of miles from anywhere on our marathon seven day Atlantic crossing, Barbados to Tenerife.

Now then, often, such a crossing a this time of year has us battle the head-on Trade Winds, swells and squally conditions. But no! My new name is still holding, "Captain Eternal Sunshine". No more Captain Storm! Very fortunate to be under the influence of a shallow High, with a high limb of pressure to the west of the high, but tracking with us as we go eastwards. Light airs, yesterday was glassy seas, unbelievable conditions.

Been having lots of fun with the open deck events.  Shuffleboard and Quiots eastbound, but Tug of War, Fashions shows and a Boat building competition on the run back, such fun in the sun. The Deck department,  ‘coached’ by Hugo the Chief Officer who called their team the ‘Bunch of Anchors' became the champions. There was an upset with the Engineers, headed by Lubo, who called themselves the “Sea Donkeys”. It’s usually a Deck-Engine final, oil and water and all that fun stuff, but oh no. The Sea Donkeys were knocked out by the Dining room staff, aka the ‘Dining Hunks’!

We also had the Dancers as the ‘The Hoofers’, I was rooting for the girls, also we had the ‘Hitting High C’s’, the singers of course, then we had the Dictators team, ‘Cruising for a Bruising’. The bar team, along with their cheerleaders, entered their team, ‘Bootleggers of the Seas’. A fun day all round!

Boat building was equally contested with nine ships,  5 entries from Guests and four from the staff. Again the deck department thought they had it in the bag, but the Cruise department with their detailed entry won the day. The boats were scored on a number of categories - Design & magnificence, Stability whilst carrying four cans of Coke, and a race. The ‘boat’s also had to have a name, some great names, a Captain and Staff Captain. No Chief engineer, I note!  I am sure Jo and Len are still on speaking terms…

I have to say, the ingenuity of the Guests entries was outstanding, after all they had to beg, steel and borrow all their materials…  so far, a great crossing.

Captain Stuart Horne

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