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2nd February, 2020


Another fabulous day today. This has been for every day of his cruise except  for the first day, 6th  and St Kitts on the 19th January,  wall to wall sunshine. The Atlantic crossing has been so super,  I cannot remember in my 43 years at sea such a fabulous conditions on an east-bound crossing of this often stormy stretch of water. The sunset picture is mid-Atlantic sunrise morning, oh yes it is!

We were scheduled to be alongside in Tenerife for 1200 today, but I had to put the foot down and get into Tenerife soonest so that I could get one of my ‘flock’ off to the hospital. I aimed for a 2200 Pilot last night, finally embarked him at 2215 and was alongside for 2300 -  Denis my little Staffy, doing the driving, backing down to the berth. A straight forward manoeuvre but it required a ‘tight’ swing in the north of the entrance and, as always with is old lady, a successful  berthing starts with having obtained the right position and approach; critical for a ‘no-dent’  manoeuvre!

All tied up for 2330, the shore team were limited in number; something to do with ‘midnight’, the gangway was then rigged, the Agent onboard and the ship cleared before midnight. The support services were there, ready and waiting and we landed our ‘in-need of care’ Guest shortly thereafter. In good hands and great support.

I was in bed for 0100 this morning and had a lie-in until 0700. Yeah! I awoke to find the sun breaking the horizon, it was to be  a warm day with good sunshine, yes Captain Eternal Sunshine is still in the driving seat. 

Tenerife has a broad opportunity for Explore ashore, whether independently or on one of ‘Judi’s jaunts’ and the feedback towards the end of the day was, ‘really enjoyed the call’  Of course the sunshine and warm 23 degree temperatures had quite a lot to do with it! It was a prompt sailing at 1700, whilst not a full-speed run back to Southampton, it is uphill after all! 

The manoeuvre was done by my 3rd Officer Carl, who did the driving just about text book. These young bucks, they do learn… I am blessed with a great team on the Bridge. Disembarking the Pilot within 10 minutes of embarking him, we cleared the harbour, heading east before turning NNE towards Cape Finistere, the southern end of the Biscay.

This was the last port of call of 12 in 33 days. A fabulous cruise, fingers crossed for the weather homeward across the Biscay on the 5th!

I am off on leave when we get into Southampton; so lots to do with the ship hand-over paperwork, so this will be  my last blog for this cruise and this tour of duty; I simply won’t have the time to do anymore. So, have a great 3rd winter month, February... Spring kicks off in March and I’ll be back on the 21st April,,

Captain Stuart Horne 

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