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29th May, 2019


Before I start this Blog, just want to mention a ‘job swap’ we did back on the 25th, two pictures attached set the scene.

Dame Esther Ranzen is onboard and we are doing a charity drive for the Charity Silverline, founded by Dame Esther. One of the events was a sponsored Job Swop, where selected staff, aka volunteers, volunteered to execute ‘other staff jobs’. It was a great day and by the end of the evening we had raised, from our generous Guests, in excess of £1700. Even the Captain had a go at being a vocalist lead singer, probably the hardest thing I have ever done!

Anyway, just want recognise the cruise team, Jemma, Maja and Kirsty for all their hard work in making it all happen; my COG’s; the Cruise Office Gals.

So back to Quebec. We sailed from Montreal on Monday evening after a great two-day visit. It turned a bit cold on the Monday – however, it was a nice sail back down the St Lawrence to Quebec. Arriving off the berth yesterday morning, it was a manoeuvre I have not used since I was driving ferries. The tidal flow off the berth is around 4 knots and the profile of the berth is not parallel to the axis of the river. Thus you have to stop the ship with an astern movement, then balance the astern RPM to match the push of the tidal flow. Once these are in balance, the RPM and the tidal flow, you angle the bow back out into the river so the resultant force of the river pushes the ship alongside. I used this technique many times when I drove a super-ferry in and out of the Hoek Van Holland; that too has a strong tidal flow.

Berthed and basking in glorious sunshine, the gangway was in for 0800, on schedule. It was a lovely day and such fabulous feedback from the Guests, both those on tour and those doing their own independent thing. Indeed. Much of the feedback was about the preference to have two days in Quebec, rather than Montreal!

It’s now 0600 on a Wednesday morning and we are due to sail in two hours. What a glorious morning, with the ship berthed ‘down-town’ on the mighty St Lawrence. One of the attached pictures really sets the scene, awesome, as the Canadians say. A fantastic couple of days, I have to say.

Captain Stuart Horne

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