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15th June, 2019


Sailing from Stavanger was a surreal experience this morning. Beautiful blue skies, picturesque backdrop and the local birds tweeting as loud as they could. It was lovely sail out for the few that saw the vista. Whilst it is only 32 nautical miles by sea-passage, it would take hours to drive around, if indeed you can.

By 0630 we were navigating between the island of Karmoy, to the west and what is, effectively the mainland, although the topography is so venous, the shoreline looked like an array of islands. Very picturesque and a few early birds had taken advantage to watch this lovely scenery go by.

Staff Captain Richard was doing the driving this morning. Shaping up for the berth Richard brought the old girl in very effectively and we were alongside, 45 minutes ahead of schedule.

Again, we were blessed with a lovely day; the clear skies of the evening carried on thorough to the morning. Indeed, early afternoon the temperature has reached 25 Celsius, we had ‘sunbathing’ happening around the Beachclub. Whatever next?! But then it is June! I was sceptical about this port of call, but looks can be deceiving. Reportedly the town is very nice and is evidenced by the photos.

The day drew to a close, however, I had delayed the departure time by two plus hours to facilitate the Britannia Club Cocktails. With such a short cruise, trying to fit in four cocktail parties where we sail from a port on most days, is a bit tricky to say the least. So, the Master plan - ship ready for sailing at 1930, cocktail doors at 1830, Captain on stage at 1855, off stage 1915 and then rapido to the bridge. Well, it must have worked, we have left the berth and on our way out of Haugesund by 2015.

Off to Jondal now, anchorage port, always a challenging day.

Captain Stuart Horne

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