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30th December, 2019

La Palma

Slowly edging towards the New Year’s event, the festive spirt is really underway onboard. I was looking forward to La Palma, it was an overnight and I want to take Leigh out for diner. Even on a 17 day cruise, it is odd how difficult it is to get time to go ashore. 

Anyway, yesterday we embarked the Pilot near the breakwater, on schedule at 0700. The port, Santa Cruz, of La Palma, more correctly, it is a harbour, is quite a contrast to Las Palmas. Whilst La Palma is a significant Island with lots going on, by comparison to Gran Canaria, the port, or harbour, is that much smaller and perhaps I its own way, more attractive. 

What a blistering day we had yesterday - the hottest day of the cruise. Shade temperatures of 28 degrees, we were in completely the wrong uniform! Berthed the ’closest’ into town, the Guest were going ashore by 0830 - the heat of the day seemed to slow down the exodus one normally finds after breakfast. I did tell my flock that they would need to ‘bank’ the sunshine as they would need it once back in ‘blighty’! 

Santa Cruz is a fascinating little town and the Explore Ashore options quite brilliant. To see the island on such a glorious day is something you have to do. The evening came and the Veranda open deck diner and entertainment went down a treat. 

Dancing under the stars and all that good stuff… by the way, I don’t dance! Late evening I took the opportunity to go ashore with Leigh, up above the port to local restaurant, fantastic food and ambiance and great views, as attached. What a gorgeous evening… 

It was an early call this morning, 0500, with departure at 0700 , I still like to get around my ship in the morning before being shackled to my desk. Karl, my other 3rd Office drove out this morning. Simple manoeuvre, nonetheless, in quite restricted navigable waters and you need to constantly ask the ‘what-if’ question. With the bow swung clear of the breakwater and disembarking the Pilot at 0730-ish, it was off to Funchal for our New Year’s eve call. 

As it was lovely morning with the risen sun illuminating the North Eastern shores, we close-coasted until round 1000 before setting our NNE’y passage up-hill to Funchal. 

Captain Stuart Horne

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