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4th April, 2019


Starting my day at 0430, preparing for arrival, my first task was to prepare and start the ‘pre arrival check lists’ into Melilla. My role being assistant to the Co-Navigator as well as Admin, meaning recording events as they occur.

Starting the day with arrivals for me is ideal, waking up and seeing new places in the twilight. As we madeour approach to Melilla from the east we had the rising sun cast a picturesque view over the Spanish Enclave, combining this with a warm 16 degree C’s this was a pleasant start to the day.

After coming alongside, making fast to the berth, I updated the ships records on the port, this being the first time the ship had visited in over 3 years meant that updating the port information was important. In addition to this I went out to take pictures of the mooring lines, gangway as well as the ships position to the berth, allowing us to have a record of the visit.

At around 1100 I finished my mornings work, being granted shore leave. I decided to go ashore with Rosie, who like my self is one of the ships Deck Cadets. We decided to head for the shuttle bus, being greeted by a group of excited and friendly locals. Handing out maps and hats, we decided to take the shuttle bus into the main city centre. The first stop was at the castle, the tour guide mentioned that this castle was built in the 15th century, seeing many conflicts throughout her time. The city of Melilla first being controlled under the Roman Empire, falling to the Spanish in 1497, and remains Spanish since that date.

After our visit to the castle we decide to taste some of the local food, stopping in a small cafe. After lunch we decided to walk through some local gardens, with the blue skies and warm sun beating down, this was a joyous event, seeing the flowers come in to bloom.

Towards the end of the visit we decided to walk along the beach, enjoying the blue waters, and clean sand. I believe Melilla is a port with great potential, which I believe the entire passenger and crew on board would agree that this was a great day.

Lawrence Doyle – Deck Cadet

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