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15th April, 2019


Clearing south of Langevag, one of the Islands off the Norwegian coast [trust me] at 2000, this marking our re-emergence into the North Sea. Heading south for 8 hours, transiting the shipping forecasted areas called “North Utsira and South Utsira” we shaped up for our Pilot station for Stavanger. Embarking the Pilot 0700, as scheduled, we made our way back into the Norwegian Archipelago. With the sun already above the horizon, it was a lovely run in towards the berth. Cool, but with calm waters and clear blue skies, again!

Berthing was being executed by Simon, the Staff Captain this morning and, yes, another great opportunity to learn the ship. It’s a tight manoeuvre, swinging the ship, more or less, within its own length; before backing down to be berth. A lovely day for such a manoeuvre and very well execute. Good job Simon!

The ship was cleared on arrival and our Guests were wandering ashore just after 0800. Lovely stop Stavanger, whether on an excursion or wandering the old cobbled streets independently. One of the things I do like about Stavanger is the non-directed mix of traditional house construction alongside new and contemporary. It works and sits really well. I imagine that if the direction was for all house to look like the ‘old’ surroundings, to maintain the ‘tradition’, it would not work at all. Perhaps a lesson for us in the UK?

I digress. Departure was scheduled for 1700 and with all onboard just after 1830, we made a prompt departure. James, 2nd Officer was driving out this afternoon and with the local breeze assisting the manoeuvre off the berth, it was a nicely done evolution. The Pilot was an interesting character. A lovely sail out back towards the North Sea. Disembarking the Pilot at 1848, the ships head was set SSWly down toward the southern mid North Sea.

I had to dash off the Bridge to attend my Farewell Cocktail party - only two sea days this cruise meaning we had to cram a lot in when we could. Let’s see what tomorrow brings, a moderate blow and swell is expected.

Captain Stuart Horne

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