Venice, Italy


Located on the north-western side of the Adriatic, you moor in the enchanting city of Venice, famed for its romantic gondolas, Renaissance palaces and baroque churches. The city itself lies on an archipelago in a shallow, crescent-shaped lagoon and features some 160 canals crossed by over 450 bridges.

Immerse yourself in the lively, bustling atmosphere and go in search of its outstanding churches including the elaborate Basilica di San Marco, the beautiful Campanile di San Marco which offers spectacular panoramic views across the city, and San Giovanni in Bragora where the composer Vivaldi was once the organist.

There is also a wonderful choice of museums and galleries, from Accademia, Venice’s greatest art gallery, to the Naval Museum which displays Italy’s best collection of maritime artifacts and memorabilia. Famous landmarks of this great city are innumerable, but perhaps the best known is St Mark’s Square and elegant Rialto Bridge.

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